Must-Have Pool Party Accessories

Spice up your pool party with these affordable accessories found on AliExpress.

Inflatable Beer Pong Table $16.91

Beer pong is the game where you have to aim the balls in the cups on the other side of the table. This already isn’t easy, but its even harder and more fun on a floating table!

Giant Inflatable Beach Ball US $18.99

Hopscotch Grid with sprinklers $13.98

Set of 15 mini Inflatable cup holder $11.83

Unicorn shaped floating ring $10.45

Unicorns are definitely the big trend in 2019. You find them all over Instagram. But you can find floating rings in all shapes and colors on AliExpress.

Hawaiian hula beach cocktail cup’s $2.18

Pool games! Like this Flamingo hat with 4 toss rings $3.85



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