The 10 Fastest Sunglasses on AliExpress

On Aliexpress you can find some pretty interesting and strange eyewear. Today i have selected the fastest looking ones for this top 10!

Futuristic Shield Eyeglasses US $7.65

Ideal for the red carpet or … welding.

Flame shaped sunglasses $3.66

Not cool, not practical but definitely interesting!

The 2019 Sagan S3 Cycling glasses US $13.95

When talking fast glasses we cant miss these popular S3 cycling glasses. No matter how slow you bike compared to the real champions this eyewear will still make you feel like one.

Triangle sunglasses $3.96

Im pretty sure there used to be a period where madonna was rocking these triangular sunglasses.

Mono glass (snelle planga) sunglasses $3.99

Sunglasses just don’t come any faster than this mono glassed ‘snelle planga’.

Tony Stark’s Avengers sunglasses $2.89

LED Sunglasses $2.95

For when you want to go fast in the club.

Bar shaped sunglasses $2.95

Why go to the bar if you can wear a bar on your face.


Gadget freak and aliwatchter! Always looking for the best deals and craziest new products online.

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